April 3rd – Haputale

We are sat in a busy, noisy Muslim-run café in Haputale, perched up in the Hill Country. It’s cloudy, fresh and we have two hours to kill. We’ve spent all day on the bus from Deniyaya, still en route to Ohiya, where we will hopefully get a hotel, ready for an early start for the hike up to World’s End national park.

We our guesthouse in Deniyaya after an early start granted to us by the scrabble and clatter of monkeys chasing each other over our tin roof. We also gave a hearty handshake to Bandulla and our lovely Tamil hosts. He was a top guy, and seemed very heartfelt in his warm and extensive goodbye, hoping to see us again. I shall return if I’m ever in this neck of the woods. Sinharaja Rest is the name of the guesthouse, for those of you who are interested.

Rainclouds gather near Haputale, Sri Lanka

-Haputale, Sri Lanka-

Our first bus was at nine: Hot, long and rattley. Change at Pelmadulla (chock full of school-kids). Second bus: comfy, airy and with a scenic window seat. Beautiful views opened up on the ascent up to the Hill Country, watching the sweeps of rain batter against the windows and then gradually turn to tumbling, shifting masses away from us as we approached the cloud-line, the green hills fast falling away beneath our feet.

Fingers crossed Ohiya has rooms available so we don’t have to rough it on the train platform.


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